LaMelo Ball Lashed Out At Lithuanian Teammates After Savage Borat Prank (VIDEO)

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When LaVar Ball prematurely pulled his boys out of Lithuania back in April, everybody knew what the problem was. While LiAngelo worked hard and won over his coaches and teammates, LaMelo moped and sulked around like a 16-year-old who’s been convinced by his blowhard dad that he’s destined for greatness.

LaVar Ball may have put all the blame on BC Vytautas coach Virginijus Seskus, but multiple sources from the organization said LaMelo was just lazy and arrogant.

Now Season 3 of Ball in the Family, which debuted Sunday on Facebook, is giving us a fresh glimpse into the tense relationship between LaMelo and his Lithuanian teammates.

In once scene some BC Vytautas players post signs comparing LaMelo to Borat all over the locker room. When LaMelo walks in and sees the signs he is clearly embarrassed. During an interview interlaced with the locker room scene, he lashed out.

“I’m just not meshing with the team right now,” confesses the 16-year-old, who should have been in high school, hanging out with kids his own age, instead of playing professional basketball in Lithuania. “I don’t feel the teammates support me or welcome me. They don’t like me.”

You can watch the complete episode below. The Borat scene begins at the 16-minute mark.


That’s a pretty savage prank. You can certainly see how that would make it hard for LaMelo to fit in.

That being said, there’s also a chicken-and-the-egg question here. Was LaMelo cold and aloof because his teammates gave him a hard time? Or did his teammates give LaMelo a hard time because he was cold and aloof?

Obviously Ball in the Family is going to make it look like the former. But you can bet the situation wasn’t really as black-and-white as they make it seem.

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