NBA Players Are Already Trying To Recruit LeBron On Social Media (TWEETS)

The NBA Finals came to an end on Friday. The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 108-85 in Game 4, sweeping the series to claim their third title in four years.

Unfortunately, nobody outside the Bay Area really cared. The win mercifully put both the Cavs and NBA fans out of their misery. The 2018 NBA playoffs were easily the most boring in recent memory, and pretty much everybody was just waiting around for them to end.

Luckily, the 2018 offseason promises to be way more exciting. LeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet according to pretty much everybody except Skip Bayless, is set to become a free agent again. And given the shortcomings of the Cavs roster, plus the ineptitude of the Cavs ownership, chances are LeBron will NOT stay in Cleveland.

Of course, nobody knows where The King will eventually end up. But players all across the league wasted no time kicking off their social media recruitment campaigns.

Enes Kanter is trying to recruit LeBron for the Knicks despite their recent bad blood:



Dejounte Murray is recruiting LeBron for the Spurs:



Dillon Brooks wants LeBron to join the Grizzlies:



Anthony Davis apparently supports the idea of LeBron moving to NOLA:



Justise Winslow wants LeBron to take his talents back to South Beach:



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And, obviously, Joel Embiid wants LeBron to complete The Process in Philly:



The playoffs may have been a snoozefest. The Finals may have been a blowout. But free agency should be pretty great.

Stay tuned.

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