Rams Have to Pay Reggie Bush Millions of Dollars Because of His 2015 Injury In Their Stadium

Former NFL running back Reggie Bush may have hung his cleats up for good, but he is still bringing in millions of dollars thanks to a judgement that recently went in his favor.

Retired since December 2017, the former San Francisco 49ers RB slipped on concrete that surrounded the then-St. Louis Rams field. That crash forced him to hit a wall and tear up his left meniscus, effectively ending his 2015-16 season.

Bush sued the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission and called the surface “a concrete ring of death”.

The 33-year-old now has millions of dollars to add to his bank account after the team was ordered to pay Bush $12.45 million in damages due to the knee injury.

“I’m very happy with the verdict. The people spoke and decided very fairly.”

Here’s that injury:

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