Warriors GM Unintentionally Called Out Kevin Durant For Being A Bandwagon Player (VIDEO)

Kevin Durant has shown us numerous times over the years that he doesn’t take criticism very well. That was evident when he accidentally forgot to log out of his main Twitter account and log into his burner account.

Since arriving with the Warriors, fans of others team have often called out Durant for jumping on an already stacked team to win a championship. That’s expected. But what isn’t expected is to hear that type of stuff from the people inside your own organization.

On Tuesday, Warriors general manager Bob Myers basically called Kevin Durant a bandwagon NBA player while trying to make a joke at their championship parade. KD was not appear to be feeling it at all, as he uncomfortably smiled and laughed.


If you didn’t hear it, Myers said that Steph Curry has been with the franchise since the ‘way before days’ when it was bad. He followed that up by saying Steph’s ‘earned it.’ That seems to be a bit of a low-blow to Durant, who jumped on the team when it was already good.

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