Comedian Marlon Wayans Says Durant Joined The Monstars: ‘Warriors Are Cheating At This Point” (VIDEO)

Like many people who watched this year’s NBA playoffs, Marlon Wayans was amazed to see what LeBron was doing on the court in year 15 of his career.

During Tuesday’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, the legendary comedian and actor marveled at the fact that LeBron could dominate, but stated even him averaging 50 points a game against the heavily stacked Golden State Warriors wouldn’t be enough to defeat them.

“It makes me mad because Golden State is like cheating at this point. They’re too good. It’s like Kevin Durant joined the Space Jam Monstars. He joined the Monstars. He’s got Steph Curry who is genetically made in a laboratory. How do you dribble like a brother and then shoot like a white boy?”

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