Paul George Says He Loves L.A. And He’d Love To Play With LeBron, So You Do The Math (VIDEO)

The New York Times may say the Oklahoma City Thunder have a pretty good chance of re-signing Paul George, but George himself sure sounds intrigued by the idea of teaming up with LeBron in Los Angeles.

On Tuesday the Times‘ Marc Stein reported that there is a “growing belief” around the NBA that George is actually very interested in staying in Oklahoma City. Last month George posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed after undergoing a minor knee procedure. Stein notes that George’s willingness to share that photo has “helped fuel the notion” that he wants to stay with the Thunder.

If George does want to stay in OKC, you’d never know it from the comments he made Tuesday night. The folks at TMZ caught up with him outside a Fortnite celebrity pro-am in L.A. and asked what he thinks about Los Angeles and the idea of playing with LeBron.

“Yeah, I’m with LeBron every All-Star. Every one of my All-Stars I’ve been teamed with LeBron,” George said of the greatest basketball player on the planet. “I like playing with him.”

And L.A.?

“I’m from L.A., I can say I love L.A. because I’m from L.A.”


NBA insiders have been speculating since last summer that Paul George eventually wants to play for his hometown Los Angeles Lakers.

If the rumors about LeBron heading to Hollywood are true, would George really pass up that opportunity to stay in Oklahoma City?

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