Democrats Invite Golden State Warriors To Capitol Since There Will Be No White House Visit

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Just days before the NBA Finals would officially come to an end, Donald Trump sent out a statement they said neither the Cleveland Cavaliers nor Golden State Warriors would be invited to the White House after the series over. This statement was following the comments from stars on both teams that spoke on the Eagles situation while stating they wouldn’t show up as well.

“I didn’t invite them. No, I didn’t invite Lebron James, and I didn’t invite Steph Curry,” Trump said after a reporter pointed out to the president that the star players, who have both been fiercely critical of Trump, said they wouldn’t attend the visit.

“We’re not going to invite either team, but we have other teams that are coming,” adding that he does plan on inviting this year’s NHL champs, The Washington Capitals. “If they want to be here — it’s the greatest place on Earth — I’m here. If they don’t want to be here, I don’t want them.”

The Warriors have already had their parade, but they still got an invite, but it’s from the democratic party.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee, who both represent the State of California, invited the players and their families to the Capitol in a letter addressed to the team on Tuesday.

Sports teams being invited to the White House has been a tradition dating back to the 60’s, but it has since been a topic of conversation of whether teams should be invited anymore since many stars are electing to not show up depending on who’s in the White House at the moment.

Several players and coaches have cited their opposition to President Donald Trump since his election.

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