Fan Gets Iconic Wade-To-LeBron Heat Dunk Tattoo (PICS)

Tattoo artist Steve Butcher is known for his extremely realistic tattoos, which is why he has over 774,000 people following him on Instagram just to see his work and possibly get work done by him.

Back in 2010, then-Miami Heat star LeBron James and teammate Dwyane Wade gave us the best moment that summed up the duo’s time together in South Beach when, on a fastbreak, Wade dropped off a pass to Lebron for a huge tomahawk dunk.

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The still shot of the play from another angle is legendary and one guy wanted it forever immortalized on his skin. In comes Steve Butcher, who announced his new tattoo that he was working on this week.

Day 1 probably the best photo taken in NBA history! Wade to James! @tmz_tv @nba @miamiheat @kingjames @dwyanewade @espn @sportscenter @bleacherreport @miamiheat

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On Thursday, the masterpiece was done and it was epic.

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