Giants’ Will Hernandez & Damon Harrison Scuffle At Practice; Helmet Swung At Hernandez’s Head

Most veteran players like to welcome the incoming rookies into the league with pranks, but Damon Harrison is a man who will welcome you with violence.

During practice on Thursday, the veteran defensive tackle and 2018 second-round pick Will Hernandez got into a scuffle that got way out of hand, with Harrison pulling the rookie’s helmet off and swinging it at him.

Fortunately for everybody involved, Harrison missed, but there was some collateral damage to another teammate.

Left tackle Nate Solder walked away from the scrum with a limp after a teammate rolled up on him. Solder reportedly said his knee “hurt a little bit,” though Shurmur said on the field that he was told Solder was “fine.”

“It has been very competitive the whole camp and there are certain things that we certainly can’t do,” Shurmur said of the fight. “We get them out of the drill and try to settle them down. That happens. It’s very competitive up there.

“Will Hernandez is a very competitive guy, and they just kind of butted heads.”

The rookie guard is no stranger to fighting. Eli Manning stated earlier this month they he had been in about five fights already.

“Will Hernandez has already been in five fights,” Manning said. “I love it.”

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