Packers LB Coach Winston Moss Gave Zero F–ks About These Reporters & Their Questions (VIDEO)

Throughout the season, fans have become accustomed to head coaches losing their cool with reporters, whether it’s a stupid question or they just aren’t in the mood to answer anything at the moment.

The season is months away from beginning and Winston Moss is already fed up with the media. On Wednesday, the Packers associate head coach/linebackers coach had quite the moment with reporters at Green Bay’s minicamp in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin.

From the beginning, you could easily tell Moss was not in the mood to answer any questions and his attitude was on full display on this day. It got so bad that at one point a reporter asked him, “Winston, I’m sorry, where’s the Winston that has given us illumination and information at past press conferences? Did we do something that you’re down on us again? … We want to talk about your guys, and I’m not quite sure what you want from us to make that happen.”

After almost a 10-second pause, Moss responded, “I can’t help you.”

Another pause, and Moss continued, “You ask the question, I’ll answer it.”


That was quite awkward!

Moss played in the league for 11 seasons as a linebacker with the Buccaneers, Raiders and Seahawks.

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