Ravens Trying To Figure Out Way To Get Lamar Jackson And Joe Flacco On Field At Same Time

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The Baltimore Ravens made it very clear when they drafted Lamar Jackson that Joe Flacco was still their starting quarterback. However, that doesn’t mean they want the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner to just sit on the bench doing nothing.

In addition to 9,043 passing yards and 69 passing touchdowns over three years at Louisville, Jackson also had 4,132 rushing yards and 50 rushing touchdowns. The Ravens understandably want to make use of his unique skillset as soon as possible. And apparently they are toying with some pretty wacky ideas.

How wacky? Here’s what Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters on Tuesday:

“Gosh, I’d sure like him out there helping us. And he can play quarterback. If we put two quarterbacks on the field at once, what options does it create for our offense? That’s what we’re trying to figure out.

“He’s back there throwing the ball, he’s back there doing other things. And Joe’s got to be able to do other things, if [Jackson]’s back there throwing the ball. So it gets to be—I don’t want to say challenging—but it gets the creative juices flowing for our offensive coaches and they’ve worked hard at it.”

To be clear, the Ravens are not talking rotating Flacco and Jackson in and out of the game for specific plays. They are talking about having both of them in the game at the same time.

Though the Wildcat offense is incredibly rare in the NFL, it’s not completely unprecedented. The New York Jets tried it with Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez back in 2012. The Ravens tried it with Flacco and Tyrod Taylor during the 2012 preseason. In both cases it failed pretty miserably.

What would a two-quarterback set look like with Flacco and Jackson? Nobody knows! The only thing we know for sure is that Joe Flacco doesn’t like the idea.

“I’m just not a huge fan of it,” Flacco told ESPN back in 2013. “I’m the quarterback. I want to be behind the line of scrimmage, I want to be taking the snaps. That’s really the only thing. I don’t necessarily take it personally, either, in terms of our offense trying to get better. I just think it makes us look like not an NFL team.”

Of course, it’s highly unlikely the Ravens will actually put quarterbacks on the field as the same time for anything other than a one-off trick play. But I certainly hope they do.

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