Trump Mocks Kneeling Players Stating Unfair Treatment To Others Because They Make $15M A Year (VIDEO)

This is a fight that will never end.

Fresh off talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, it was back to the status quo as Donald Trump took aim at the NFL once again.

On Friday, the President targeted kneeling NFL players by mocking what they’ve been preaching since 2016 and downgrading it by bringing up how much money they make.

The president stated to FOX News, “They’re all saying, ‘oh, it has nothing to do with the flag, it’s the way we’ve been treated.’ In the meantime, they’re making $15,000,000 a year … they shouldn’t get the politics involved.”


A few weeks ago, the NFL released a new policy that would subject teams to fines if any players on the sideline are caught taking part in an act that is deemed to be disrespectful during the playing of the National Anthem.

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