U.S. Open Broadcast Caught Candid Convo of Guy Talking About Violent Sex & Smacking A B*tch (VIDEO)

If Golf wants to be great again in 2018, they’ll need more random microphones set up to catch gold like this.

During FS1’s U.S. Open golf broadcast on Friday, lead announcer Joe Buck set up a shot from Patrick Reed. But what should have been silence at that moment actually got pretty raunchy when a hot mic caught a candid conversation between a couple of guys on the green.

Buck says “Here at 1, it’s Patrick Reed.” His voice then cuts out, and there seems to be some indistinct radio chatter.

Via Awful Announcing:

Guy 1 says something about “a good pull.”

Guy 2: “That’s my ex.”

Guy 1: “Yeah, she’s hot.”

Guy 2: “That’s when we were fucking so hard, and I headbutted her in the head.”

Guy 1: “Sure.”

Guy 2: “And I smacked that bitch down.”

Guy 1: “Yeah, what actually happened, pal?”

Guy 2: “No, straight up. We kind of went in the [indistinct] position, and I was laying down…”

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