Kyrie Irving Believes Kevin Durant Is the Warriors’ Best Player Over Stephen Curry

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Basically since Kevin Durant’s arrival in the Bay Area, there has been an ongoing conversation as to who was the alpha male on the Golden State Warriors. It seems silly since Stephen Curry is the league’s first ever unanimous MVP in history, but Durant has also etched his name in history as well.

There’s no argument as far as Kyrie Irving is concerned. The Boston Celtics star recently stated that even though KD might be on a stacked team, he is the clear cut best player on the squad.

“Kevin Durant has a presence about him that’s really unassuming, but he dominates game,” Irving said on The Bill Simmons Podcast (h/t HoopsHype). “… Yes, he’s on an incredible team, but he’s also the best player on that team.”

Since his arrival, the Warriors have won 2-straight NBA Titles, winning 8 of nine games against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals. Not to mention, Durant has taken home two NBA Finals MVP trophies to add to his collection.

Before he departed for the Celtics, Irving had faced both competitors in the Finals as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And even though Durant had only played in one of the 1st three match-ups against Irving, that was enough for Kyrie to see who was the man on the Dubs.

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