REPORT: Patriots Had Rob Gronkowski Trade Talks With These Four Teams

Rob Gronkowski

The Detroit Lions parted ways with Eric Ebron back in March and were in the market for a new tight end. The team reportedly attempted to shoot for the stars and add arguably the NFL’s most dominant player at the position.

Shortly after the Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Rob Gronkowski made heads turn when he wouldn’t commit to playing next season and thus began rumblings in the Patriots organization. The New England Patriots reached out to the Lions this spring about a possible trade involving Rob Gronkowski, the MMQB’s Albert Breer said in a Monday radio interview, per

It turns out the Pats actually had talks with four squads about Gronk, all of which have deep ties to the Patriots.

“I don’t think they were shopping Gronk to the entire league, but there were some teams they trust that I know they talked to. Detroit, Tennessee, Houston, San Francisco — you guys can make the connections there,” Breer said on The Herd With Colin Cowherd.

It’s unclear how deep the trade talks went or what the compensation would have been, but the Pats ultimately decided to cool the talks and continue on with their all-pro tight end.

“This kind of came to a point where he sort of disengaged from the program and asked for a raise,” Breer said. ” … there was this bizarre press conference before that monster truck rally that Gronk had. That sort of served as the ‘All right, we need to get him in here now and need a sit-down talk with him because this can’t keep going the way it’s going.’

“So Bill has Gronk in, and at that point, Bill had some discussions about trading him and Gronk sat down with Bill and all indications I got was that Gronk basically affirmed to Bill he wants to be a Patriot. That’s when they decided ‘OK, we’re gonna try to work out contract terms and go forward with this thing,” but there was a come to Jesus moment.”

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