This Muay Thai Knockout Is Absolutely BRUTAL (VIDEO)

Brutal Muay Thai Knockout

If you’re thinking about taking up Muay Thai, the absolutely brutal knockout you’re about to watch might give you second thoughts.

The knockout comes from a bout between Chalawan Por Onnut and Rambong Leesorkanka last Thursday at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok. Toward the end of the fourth round, Onnut landed a few knees to the torso and an elbow to the head, but nothing too dangerous. Then, with just seven seconds left on the clock, Onnut surprised Leesorkanka with a straight-on heel-kick to the chin that just about knocked his head clean off.

In the first few moments after the blow Chalawan Por Onnut celebrated his victory while Rambong Leesorkanka laid motionless on the mat. However, when Onnut realized his opponent might actually be injured, or possibly even dead, he went over to check on the guy, then toned down his celebation.

Take a look:

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That is easily one of the most devastating knockouts you will ever see in any combat sport.

Hopefully Rambong Leesorkanka is okay.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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