Watch This 9-Year-Old Football Player Make An Incredible Odell Beckham-Like Catch (Video)

9-year-old football player makes odell beckham like catch

Nobody catches a football like Odell Beckham Jr. Or at least, nobody in the NFL.

As it turns out, OBJ might have some competition from the youth flag football ranks.

The kid you’re about to meet is Jack Eskridge. He’s nine years old. He’s from Buffalo, New York. He has amazing hair. And in a recent game for his flag football team, the Beast Elite Ducks, he hauled in an epic one-handed catch reminiscent of the one OBJ hauled in against the Cowboys back in 2014.

Take a look at this:


This kid’s 9 years old 😲 #SCtop10

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Of course, if this were the NFL, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this catch. We’d first have to assess whether the kid had control of the ball, whether he was in the process of going to the ground, and whether he made a football move. Then we’d have to consult a team of philosophers and physicists about the nature of being and time, and whether anyone anywhere can ever really “catch” a football.

Fortunately, Jack Eskridge doesn’t play in the NFL. So his catch was just a catch. And it was awesome.

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