Brett Favre Is Seeking To Put An End To Youth Tackle Football

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

While many will forever remember Brett Favre for everything he did in the National Football League, the hall of famer has bigger plans in mind and would rather people remember him for putting an end to youth tackle football.

The former NFL MVP has become the face of the movement.

“I think it’s going to take someone who has poured his blood, sweat and tears into it,” Favre told Alex Raskin of the Daily Mail.

Unlike most who have walked away from the game, the 48-year-old Hall of Fame quarterback has no plans to cling on to the sport in any type of way, and that includes becoming a coach or doing any type of broadcasting.

After suffering what he estimates is ‘thousands’ of concussions, Favre’s personal mission is saving children from a lifetime of health issues connected to one of the country’s most popular sports.

He’s also supporting efforts like a proposed Illinois bill forbidding anyone under 12 from playing tackle football. The Dave Duerson Act to Prevent CTE – named after the former Chicago Bears safety who committed suicide after a lengthy battle with the disease – does not yet have enough support to pass in Illinois.

Still, Favre thinks similar legislation is needed at the federal level.

‘The state level is a start, but we have to adopt this plan and all do it together,’ he said. ‘The body, the brain, the skull is not developed in your teens and single digits. I cringe. I see these little kids get tackled and the helmet is bigger than everything else on the kid combined. They look like they’re going to break in half.’

Most former players have blamed the league for their health issues, but Favre isn’t one of them. His only goal is to take aim at football’s macho culture.

‘You would never come out of the game for a concussion because nobody thought concussions were that bad,’ said Favre. ‘It was a matter of toughness. You didn’t come out of a game because you were dinged, you saw stars, or fireworks are flashing – which are all results of a concussion, as we know now. Ear ringing, kind of like the dinner bell dining – “time to come eat” – that should be a wake-up call: You just suffered a severe brain injury.’

President Donald Trump made Favre’s case against youth football that much worse when he stated the NFL’s new rules aimed at decreasing the number of concussions are “ruining the game.”

‘The President can say what he wants,’ said Favre. ‘It is a serious issue and it needs to be dealt with.’

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