Nick Young Explains Why Cocaine Should Be Legalized In The United States (VIDEO)

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Nick Young doesn’t strike me as a person who needs any type of legal or illegal drugs to be the type of person that he is. No extra added ingredients needed to be Swaggy P. But here we are, talking about cocaine…

The Golden State Warriors star is fresh off winning his first NBA Championship, and he’s been living it up ever since with non-stop partying and celebrating.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with him outside 1 OAK on Tuesday night and upon informing him of the legalization of marijuana in all of Canada, Swaggy was thinking bigger and better things needed to be passed….like coke.

“I want people to pass cocaine,” the NBA star told TMZ Sports outside 1 OAK on Tuesday night … “Everybody needs to do cocaine!”

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