Was There a Dong In The Stands During Uruguay-Saudi Arabia World Cup Match? (PIC)

World Cup Dong Main

If you were watching today’s World Cup match between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia at Rostov Arena, you were treated to a hard-fought battle that saw the favorites from South America book their spot in the knockout phase with a 1-0 victory…

You were also treated to a penis. That’s right. A penis! In the stands!

At least, it looked like a penis. It appeared in the 38th minute of the match. Is it a World Cup dong? See for yourself:

(Warning: If it IS in fact a dong, then I guess that would make this NSFW…even though it’s probably NOT a dong….anyways…proceed with caution.)

World Cup Dong

Okay, so it’s probably just someone’s finger or leg (probably a finger), and not a dong.

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