Kevin McHale Gets Ripped For Being At A Trump Rally; Wife Deletes Acct After Her Terrible Comments (TWEETS)

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Despite the outcry of fans across the country to keep politics out of sports, it continues and will continue to happen as more and more controversies arise.

Former Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale is just the latest to feel the wrath of his political affiliation when observers spotted the Boston Celtics great at a Donald Trump rally in Duluth on Wednesday.

The backlash was immediate, given the scope of what’s going on with immigrant children being separated from their families at the border and placed in cages.


McHale has strong ties to the Timberwolves, who play in Minnesota. He was also born in Minnesota. There has yet to be official confirmation.

Once that photo made its way online, all hell broke loose as many began to denounce McHale and hope that he never got another NBA job for the rest of his life.

To make matters that much worse, his wife, who is a devout Trump supporter, jumped on Twitter and made the situation go from bad to despicable after many spotted terrible comments by her in regards to the detailed children, among other things.

She would soon delete her entire account.


Since his firing from the Houston Rockets, McHale has been serving as an on-air analyst for NBA TV. It remains to be seen if McHale’s appearance at the Trump rally will have any impact on his current gig at NBA TV, or if it will affect his potential coaching career.

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