Kyrie Irving Takes Desean Jackson, Johnny Manziel & Justin Bieber’s Ex-GF Chantel Jeffries To See The Incredibles 2 (PICS)

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The last time we saw Kyrie Irving spotted out with a chick was fairly recently, when he was seen with Amber Rose and most thought the two might be dating.

That was quickly dispelled when the Boston Celtics guard was spotted out once again, but this time he was taking Chantel Jeffries to see a movie.

Here are the details, via TMZ:

Seems Kyrie Irving and Chantel Jeffries really are a thing — ’cause the two were spotted on a movie date together on Monday … and we’re told they looked like a couple.

The NBA star and Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend took in a flick at the iPic in Westwood, CA — “Incredibles 2” — and they held hands on the way out of the place.

Not saying anything is wrong with this at all, but Jeffries’ list of ex-boyfriends includes Justin Bieber, Kyrie Irving, Travis Scott, DeSean Jackson, and Justin Combs.

Let’s take a closer look at Ms. Jeffries and why so many high profile men want to date her:

No one has time for tan lines!!! 😤

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Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?

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First times are unmatched

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