Jameis Winston’s Friend, Who’s in Prison For Rape, Claims QB Lied About Number of People in UBER Night of Assault

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Jameis Winston is a man who continues to make questionable decisions that gets him in a world of trouble. The Tampa Bay Bucs QB is expected to be suspended for three games by the league after a female Uber driver accused him of sexually assaulting her back in 2016.

Jameis claims he wasn’t the only one in that car that night with the female driver, but his friend, who is in prison for rape, is telling a completely different story.

A friend of Jameis Winston’s who was with him the night the Buccaneers quarterback allegedly sexually abused an Uber driver says Winston left a party scene alone in the Uber car. That statement contradicts a third friend who has said publicly that Winston was never left alone with the driver.

Winston, former Vanderbilt football player Brandon Banks and Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby were at a Scottsdale, Arizona, nightclub in March 2016 when Winston became intoxicated and “unruly,” prompting his friends to send him away in an Uber, Banks’ attorney, Mark Scruggs, told Outside the Lines. “What happened after that,” Scruggs said, “they cannot say.” Banks has never been identified publicly as being at the scene until now.

Banks is serving 15 years in prison after being found guilty of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery in June 2017 for his role in the gang rape of a female Vanderbilt student in June 2013.

Scruggs said any implication that Banks was the front-seat passenger is false.

“Brandon was never in the car with this victim,” Scruggs told Outside the Lines. He said Banks told him that the three men had taken an Uber together earlier in the evening with a different female driver before partying together. “They were two different events, two different Uber drivers,” Scruggs said.

A spokesman for the Eagles told ESPN Darby was unlikely to comment on the incident Friday and a spokeswoman for Winston stated he wouldn’t be commenting on what Banks is claiming.


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