Atlanta Rapper T.I. Says He’s Boycotting The NFL & Super Bowl Over Anthem Policy (VIDEO)

Via Getty Images

Just when you thought the NFL might get it right and move on from the public relations nightmare that is the National Anthem controversy, the owners went and made it worse by creating an Anthem policy that will force every player to stand for the Anthem when out on the field.

For T.I., that was enough to keep him from supporting the NFL as well as the Super Bowl, which will be held in his hometown next season.

The Atlanta born rapper appeared on BET’s “Genius Talks” with host Jemele Hill over the weekend when he made this proclamation.

“I think there is a violation of constitutional rights being implemented to minority players who choose to have a peaceful, silent protest,” the 37-year-old, born Clifford Harris Jr., said.

Super Bowl LIII is scheduled to be played on Feb. 3, 2019 at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium — a game the Falcons are hoping to get back to and wash the stink away from the 28-3 lead they lost to the New England Patriots at Super Bowl 51.

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