Brazilian World Cup Reporter Praised For Scolding Idiot Who Tried To Kiss Her During Live Broadcast (Video)

brazilian world cup reporter praised for response to man who tried to kiss her on air

A Brazilian World Cup journalist is being widely praised on social media this week for her stern rebuke of a fan who tried to kiss her during a live report.

The incident occurred outside the Ekaterinburg Arena ahead of the Group H clash between Japan and Senegal on Sunday. Julia Guimaraes of Brazil’s SporTV was preparing to do a live broadcast when a male fan came up and tried to plant an unwanted kiss on her cheek.

Unlike Colombian reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran, who was kissed and groped during a live report last week, Guimaraes was able to dodge her unwanted kiss. Then, with the cameras still rolling, she scolded him in front of the whole world.

“Don’t do this,” Guimaraes tells the man, who actually sticks around and apologizes instead of running off. “I don’t allow you to do that. Never, okay? This is not polite. This is not right. Never do this. Never do this to a woman, okay? Respect!”



“It’s hard to find the words,” Guimaraes later wrote on twitter. “Luckily, I’ve never experienced this in Brazil. Here it has happened twice. Sad! Shameful!”

Unfortunately, female sports reporters all over the world are frequently subjected to all manners of offensive and abusive behavior from drunken idiots. But it’s good to see more and more reporters are starting to fire back.

Hat Tip – [The Independent]

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