The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Pro Golfer Hosung Choi And His Totally BONKERS Swing (VIDEOS)

Professional golf is generally very subdued. Every once in a while a player will lose it and snap a club over their knee, or throw their putter into a pond. But for the most part players are quiet and composed.

Of course, some would say that’s what makes professional golf boring. And the people who say that sort of thing probably love South Korea’s Hosung Choi.

Choi, 44, plays on the Japan Golf Tour, so he doesn’t have much of a following in North America. However, he recently finished 5th at the Korea Open, which gets televised here because it is a qualifying event for the British Open. During that tournament, golf fans absolutely fell in love with Hosung Choi’s bonkers follow-through and post-swing theatrics.

Take a look:







Unfortunately, only the top two competitors from the Korea Open qualify for the British Open, and, as I’ve already mentioned, Choi finished 5th. However, somebody started a petition on called “Give special exemption to Hosung Choi for 2018 Open Championship.” At time of writing only 205 people have signed, and even if it gets to 10,000 it almost surely wouldn’t work. But I think we can all appreciate the sentiment.

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