REPORT: Cavs Now Willing To Trade Kevin Love

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

After being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers years ago, Kevin Love never quite reached those gaudy numbers he was putting up as a member of the Minnesota T-wolves. That all might change since he is suddenly the face of the Cleveland Cavaliers after LeBron took his talents West to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Weeks before LeBron’s decision, the Cavs made it clear that they wanted to keep Love on the team, with or without LeBron there, but they seem to have had a change of heart.

According to The Athletic, the team is now open to trading the star player. Love can become a free agent in 2019 if he opts of his $25.6 million deal. Cavs have a top 10 protected draft pick in 2019, so they have every incentive to want to clean shop and tank for a high draft pick.

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