Jay Cutler On His Wife’s Reality Show Is MUST-SEE TV! (VIDEOS)

Watching Jay Cutler do his thing on the gridiron every Sunday for the past 12 years was tough, especially for Bears fans. At times it was excruciating seeing him throw interceptions and get sacked on an all-too-regular basis each week.

You know what’s much more enjoyable than watching Cutler take a beating on the football field? Watching him mope around with his lackadaisical attitude on his wife’s new reality television show, “Very Cavallari.”

The show premiered on E! last night, and let’s just say that Jay was the real star of the show. Where should we begin…

How about with this conversation between Cutler and Kristen Cavallari, during which Jay’s wife asks him what he plans to do now that his football career is likely over:


And then there was this moment, during which Jay refuses to say hi to Kristen’s friends. If you thought Cutler’s off-putting attitude on the football field was just a show, this clip should help change your mind:


And finally, there’s this.  I’m not even sure how to explain it, but it’s PURE GOLD!


I’m not sure if this was the producer’s plan, but I’ll definitely be tuning into next week’s episode just to see what amazing things Jay Cutler has in store for us next.



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