Kevin Durant Rips A Teenager For Saying He Doesn’t Elevate Teammates Like Steph & LeBron (PICS)

Since the emergence of social media in people’s everyday lives, athletes from different sports claim to not care about what is said towards them by fans or trolls.

Kevin Durant might be the first big athlete to not only care about the criticism he receives online, but to also respond to it as he has done on several occasions. Ever since he was caught using a burner account to show his true feelings about his days in OKC, many have been looking to bait him into similar situations.

The Golden State Warriors superstar was recently browsing Instagram when he came across this post:

Thoughts? Agree or disagree? 💭🏀 #bucketgetters

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Kevin Durant didn’t like the fact that the post stated he couldn’t elevate a team like Stephen Curry and LeBron James can, so he responded.


He then jumped in the guy’s DMs and threw more shade:

Nothing gonna stop me from achieving my dream now @kevindurant

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