REPORT: LeSean McCoy Has Been Trying To Kick GF Out of His House For Months; Refuses To Leave

Since the initial allegation of domestic violence was brought on by the friend of the girlfriend of LeSean McCoy, more details have emerged as to what happened leading us to this point.

On Tuesday, a photo of Delicia Cordon was posted on Instagram by her friend who accused the Buffalo Bills running back of abuse, child abuse, and animal abuse, but the story starts way before this happened and shows a timeline of a relationship gone sour.

Via TMZ:

“TMZ Sports has learned McCoy recently SUED the woman in an effort to kick her out of the home that he owns.

Officials tell TMZ Sports … EMTs responded to a home near Delicia’s address early Monday morning. There are only 3 houses on her block. They would not reveal details about the situation.

We’ve learned LeSean and Delicia have had a contentious relationship for a while — according to docs obtained by TMZ Sports, McCoy went to court in June seeking to get a judge’s order forcing to her to move out of a home he owns in Alpharetta, Georgia.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Delicia told the court McCoy had discussed marriage with her back on May 28 and gave her a “substantial gift.”

She says he then left on May 30 to attend OTAs. She left town the next day for a graduation in Virginia.

The next day, while she was gone, Delicia claims LeSean had some of his friends, family members and other crew remove her furniture and furnishings without her knowledge.

When she saw things going down on a live security cam feed, she immediately called police and they stopped McCoy’s people from hauling her stuff away.”

Hours after the initial allegation, another friend of Cordon took to Facebook and stated that McCoy wasn’t the one that beat her. Instead, he sent a couple of goons to her place and had her robbed and beaten up.


We now have two different accounts of what possibly happened, with McCoy denying even seeing any of these people for months.

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