Female Catches Bro-In-Law Cheating On Live TV At Astros Game (TWEET)

If you’re going to cheat on your girl (or guy), you probably don’t want to be doing it at an event that is going to be broadcasted live on national television. (Or, better yet, just don’t cheat!)

When you play with fire, there’s a good chance you’re going to get burned…like this guy was when he went to last night’s Astros-A’s game with a woman who wasn’t his wife.

As this story goes, the sister of the wife who was cheated on spotted her brother-in-law on the game’s live television broadcast with another blonde woman. So she decided to call him out in a since-deleted Tweet:

Shoutout to national television for proving my brother in law is the same cheater we always thought he was #boybye pic.twitter.com/Jgz7xrl8Vw

— brooklynn (@ThisIsBrooke_) July 10, 2018

And the accompanying pic:


Sure, that pic may not prove much, but Twitter was quickly on the case. And here’s what they found:


Yes, you can make a case that the male and female in the first photo are only seated next to each other and may not know one another, but the second photo makes it pretty obvious that the couple in the Astros jerseys are definitely a couple.

Good luck digging yourself out of this hole, buddy.

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