Richie Incognito Claims To Know The “Whole Story” Regarding LeSean McCoy

The Buffalo Bills and the NFL are trying their best to piece together what exactly went down this week in the events leading to the vicious beating of Delicia Cordon—and whether her boyfriend, LeSean McCoy, had anything to do with it.

If they want the full story, then they should probably get in contact with Richie Incognito.

The former Bills offensive lineman took to Twitter shortly after news broke that Cordon had been beaten. He stated in various tweets that he knew the full story and that Shady would be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Cordon’s apparent friend was the one who took to Instagram to post the picture and accuse McCoy of beating his ex-girlfriend as well as viciously beating his son and their dog. That notion was dispelled when more details arose from the incident, but that didn’t put McCoy out of the picture yet.

Another friend took to Facebook on Tuesday and claimed that Shady actually sent goons to the house to rob and assault Cordon. McCoy is basically being accused of playing the Rae Carruth role by paying some people to get his dirty work done.

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