J.J. Watt Quietly Donates Money To Family of Firefighter Killed In Explosion

J.J. Watt is just one of those guys you wish you could clone millions of times over to make this Earth a better place, because he’s just an all-around great guy.

Aside from the millions of dollars he helped generate for Hurricane Harvey victims in and around the Houston Texas area, the Houston Texans defensive end also helps out when he can around the country as well.

Shortly after a GoFundMe account was started to benefit the family of a Wisconsin firefighter killed by an explosion, somebody took a shot in the dark and asked Watt on Twitter for a donation. Now this is a man who has over 5 million followers, so his notifications and mentions are likely in shambles every moment of the day.

Watt saw it and soon a $10,000 donation was made from one of the NFL’s biggest stars. Watt didn’t announce his donation on social media, but someone did take a screenshot of it.

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