Witnesses Can’t Identify Kellen Winslow Jr. In Court Because He’s COMPLETELY Changed His Look (PICS)

Kellen Winslow Jr. will never see his bust in Canton, Ohio, but if he pulls this off, he could find himself in the Criminal Hall Of Fame.

The former NFL tight end was arrested back in June for kidnapping, burglary and rape charges.  Yes, he’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but the evidence against him is pretty strong.  Winslow, who was being accused of raping two women in their 50’s, and attempting to rape a 71- and 86-year-old woman, was looking at a possible life sentence in prison. It was time for him to throw up a Hail Mary…

…and it’s beginning to look like he may have connected.

According to reports, the victims are having a difficult time identifying Winslow in court because he has drastically changed his appearance.

Here’s a good tweet that showcases the many faces of Kellen Jr. That’s him now in the top-left corner:


“Court Room” Kellen Winslow looks more like Arthur, and less like “real” Kellen Winslow:


Apparently, the new look is working like a charm. Via 12up:

Jane Doe 3 said that a man had entered her property, “dropped his shorts and exposed himself.” She said that the man’s name was “David,” however, and could not identify Winslow as the culprit.

Jane Doe 4 saw Winslow’s face on TV after his arrest and thought that she recognized him as the same man who had broken into her home the previous day. Unfortunately for the prosecution, she too could not identify Winslow as the criminal in court.

Jane Doe 1, who in March was lured into a Hummer and raped, was similarly unable to identify Winslow as the assailant.

According to USA Today, one of the victims actually pointed at Winslow’s lawyer when asked to identify Kellen Winslow Jr. in court.

A fourth victim is scheduled to take the stand on Thursday. If she can’t identify Winslow, there’s a good chance the case could be thrown out—making this one of the craziest (and smartest?) criminal ploys ever devised.

Hat tip – [12up]

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