Jemele Hill: It’s ‘Embarrassing’ That The NFL Supports Criminals, But Not Colin Kaepernick

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for BET)

When it comes to being blunt and speaking their mind no matter the situation, Jemele Hill is definitely the go-to person to get a non-PC type of answer.

The ESPN journalist recently spoke to the Daily News about Colin Kaepernick and his grim future when it comes to playing in the NFL again.

“He’s never going to play in the NFL again,” Hill told the Daily News ahead of her upcoming appearance at Ozy Fest in Central Park July 22.

“It’s disappointing, it’s disheartening and if you’re the NFL, you should feel very embarrassed by that.”

After the uproar reached a fever pitch during the 2016 NFL season, the NFL decided to make a clear example of the one-time Super Bowl quarterback and his social activism and basically blackball him out of the league. Hill feels that move was “startling” given the fact the league has been known to house a few “criminals” over the years and not give out the same energy.

“It wasn’t some crime (Kaepernick) did to somebody, it wasn’t hurting another person,” Hill said. “It was using his right as an American citizen to call out some of the ills and atrocities in this country.”

The former San Francisco 49ers has been a free agent ever since opting out of contract early in 2017 and none of the 32 teams has really given him a shot to sign to their squad after he faced heavy criticism for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and violence against people of color.

Regardless, she noted that Kaepernick is “already in the history books.”

“He’s got an exhibit in the Smithsonian,” Hill said. “He’s going to have streets and schools named after him.”

Despite his current circumstances, Hill believes there will be a “softening” in a few decades, and the same people who criticize Kaepernick now will be singing his praises the same way they eventually did with Muhammad Ali.

“After seeing what happened in Vietnam and how Ali’s career and activism further blossomed, people now say, ‘Oh, he made the right decision. That was great!’” Hill said. “People want to wait until they’re proven right to actually say something is a good idea.”

“But if 45 seconds on Colin Kaepernick is going to ruin your day, then you need to get a little tougher,” Hill said.

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