Durant Makes Peace With IG User He Bashed For Criticizing Him (PICS)

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If Kevin Durant isn’t using fake accounts to bash people for bashing him and the decisions he makes, he’s responding to trolls using his actual accounts as he sifts through the world wide web.

Last week, the Golden State Warriors made the news again. This time, it was because KD responded to a post stating that he doesn’t elevate his teammates quite like other players, such as Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

Nothing gonna stop me from achieving my dream now @kevindurant

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The 18-year-old kid ended up winning this matchup because he got the response and exposure he wanted from this, which ultimately led to him being interviewed by The Guardian. The aspiring journalist behind Bucketscenter stated he didn’t appreciate the way KD came at him, but they ultimately hashed everything out in the end.

(via The Guardian):

“I don’t have any negative feelings towards Durant though. I appreciate that he acknowledged what I had to say, but didn’t like the way he went about taking personal shots at me. I realize that I’m not a professional athlete and don’t pretend I can do half the stuff a player like Durant can. I come at it from the perspective of a younger fan trying to jump-start a career in journalism. It was simply another day of me doing what I love and sharing my opinion with people who seem to really care.

Later in the week Durant reached out to me in my DMs about the situation. The attention I got from the story has helped raise my profile and he said he’s glad I got it. I also apologized for any offense he took from my comments and he did the same towards me. We then had a casual conversation about basketball, and I was able to pick the brain of one of the greatest talents in the sport. I will never forget the experience and I realize all the opportunities this opens for my basketball analysis career moving forward.”

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