RUMOR: Adrien Broner Reportedly Beaten Up By Rapper In Houston Strip Club (VIDEO)

Adrien Broner Suicide Scare

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Last month, Adrien Broner announced he signed a huge $50 million deal for five fights with The Money Team, Mayweather Promotions. Despite Broner and Floyd Mayweather Jr. having had their differences over the years, the often controversial boxer claimed the two sat down and agreed on the big-money, five fight deal:

“@floydmayweather I’m glad we was able to sit down and workout our differences…. I was glad to sign the 5 fight promotional contract for 50 million #Brothas4Eva #TMT #? #BigBro”

If that’s true, it wasn’t enough for Broner to stay out of trouble, as it’s been reported that ‘The Problem’ got into a scuffle at a Houston strip club and reportedly got the worst of the fight with a local rapper.


Despite his recent losses in the ring, Broner has been known to be undefeated against regular joes on the street. So if there’s footage of the melee, it’ll surface sooner or later, if true.

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