Cubs Fans Upset That Bryce Harper Cheated To Win Home Run Derby (VID + TWEETS)

Bryce Harper won Monday’s Home Run Derby in dramatic fashion at his home ballpark, but it left a sour taste in the mouth of another fan base.

Harper Needed to hit nine home runs in just over a minute, which he did after getting into a groove, tying Kyle Schwarber’s 18 home runs at the last second of his final round at bat.

Harper would go on to hit a HR Derby walk-off for the title in his bonus 30-second round.

Immedietely after the derby, Cubs fans were pissed as they watched Schwarber’s Home Run Derby title slip away on the replay. Many of them were quick to point out that Harper may have “cheated” the Cubs slugger.

The rules call for pitchers to wait on the previous batted ball to land before throwing a pitch. In Harper’s final round, there were so many early pitches from Harper’s father, Ron, that gave Harper the edge to win out.


That lead to many fans taking to Twitter to voice their opinions:


Let’s be honest. Cubs Fans weren’t wrong here, but the likelihood that MLB would stop the contest at that point was slim to none. It was a great night for baseball and everyone came out winners…except for Schwarber and Cubs fans.

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