Floyd Mayweather Continues To Fire At 50 Cent, Calling Him A Snitch & Mentioning His Kids (PICS)

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The on again, off again friendship between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent seems to be off yet again after something set Floyd off that made him take to all social media platforms and rip 50 Cent to shreds with insane accusations.

The original post:

Curtis “Confidential Informant” Jackson, you're mad because your oldest son Marquees mother doesn’t want to be with you! Your Son, your own flesh and blood don't want nothing to do with you! You haven't had a hit song on radio in who knows when and you’re definitely not hot enough to even sell records anymore so Interscope dropped you. You are jealous of any rapper, athlete or entertainer that’s hot or got something going on for themselves. You are a certified snitch and we got paperwork to prove it. You talk about Ja-Rule but you stole his whole style and ran with it! You’re the only self proclaimed gangster that’s never put in work! You need to pay homage to the real 50cent for stealing his name and his storyline. Your claim to fame was getting shot numerous times & living to tell it and you think that's Gangster? Where at? You’re currently living in a fucking apartment in Jersey, you are always in somebody else's business just to stay relevant. You should just become a blogger cause it’s obvious you don’t have nothing going on in your life. Are you mad that Kanye West ended your career? The only thing you got going on is Power and everybody watches that because Ghost is a dope ass character on the show. You can leave the show everybody will still watch Power, but out here in the real world I’m The Real Ghost. That’s not a Mansion in Connecticut that you're in debt for, that’s a dump, a money pit an oversized trap house! It was dope when Mike Tyson had it in the late 80’s early 90’s, but you couldn't afford to maintain it. You’re always talking about somebody is broke, but the last time I checked it was Curtis Jackson that filed for bankruptcy not Floyd Mayweather. So quick to gossip like a Bitch, why don't you tell everybody how you got Herpes from DJ. Where's your memes for that, huh? Or better yet, post on how your Coca-Cola deal wasn’t really 300 million you fucking liar and tell how that spinning G-Unit necklace that somebody got robbed for was fake. Just remember, I was with you everyday and your driver Bruce was my driver also. I know where all your bones are buried, so be easy Curtis Jackson! And by the way, don’t ask to borrow no more money from me.

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The retired boxing legend decided to amp it up a little further after the rapper fired back by posting a side-by-side comparison of each of their financial capacities in 2018, as well as a post about how he doesn’t have a relationship with his oldest son.


The fighter continued his “snitch” accusations by posting a sick-looking 50 Cent with dozens of rats, captioning it, “The Biggest Rat Sweepstakes.”


Don’t be deceived. This is hardly a one-sided battle, as 50 Cent has posted some hilarious comebacks aimed at the champ as well.


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