Ohio DMV Is Using LeBron James To Stop People From Smiling In Driver’s License Photos (PIC)

LeBron Lakers

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

In some states, smiling in your driver’s license photo is not allowed.  At one DMV in Ohio, they seem to be having a tough time enforcing that rule, so they decided to try something different.

Judging by this photo from the Facebook account of some dude named Roni Zemelman, this DMV is getting rid of all the smiley faces in their driver’s license photos by placing a photo of LeBron James (in a Lakers uniform) just below their camera’s lens.

Here’s how Roni described it:

At the Ohio DMV, where it’s forbidden to smile for your license picture. They enforce this rule by making you look at the Lebron on Lakers picture…

Try cracking a smile after this, Ohioans!

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