INSANE Brawl Breaks Out At Boxing Event in Dominican Republic (VIDEO)

Boxing Brawl

It seems like every time a boxing brawl breaks out, it always ends with countless chairs being thrown across a gym.

Here’s the latest.

It comes from Santiago in the Dominican Republic, where middleweight Curtin Stevens had just defeated hometown boy Carlos Jairo Cruz via stoppage in the fourth round.  Displeased with the outcome, a few fans went after Stevens and the ref. Soon enough, a massive brawl had broken out with chairs (and even some gun shots) flying everywhere.

Police eventually showed up and ended the madness with tear gas, but not before at least 15 people were injured.

You can watch a few minutes of the fighting in the video below. The gun shots can be heard around the 1:20 mark:


Hat Tip – [Deadspin]