Skip Bayless OUTRAGED Over LeBron James’ Dunk Exhibition Before Son’s AAU Game (VIDEOS)

LeBron James gave fans at a youth basketball tournament the treat of a lifetime last weekend. Prior to his son’s game at the Bigfoot Hoops Las Vegas Classic on Saturday, LeBron joined the Blue Chips’ layup line and threw down a series of spectacular dunks.

Take a look:



Naturally, fans in attendance absolutely loved it. LeBron might be the best basketball player of all time, but he’s never taken part in a dunk contest as a pro. Who wouldn’t want to watch him throw down a bunch of showtime dunks in an intimate setting?

That’s not a rhetorical question. The answer is Skip Bayless.

On Monday, while LeBron was in Akron cutting the ribbon on his new public school for at-risk children, Skip Bayless was in the studio tearing him a new one for having the audacity to use his God-given talent to entertain people.

“Finally, after 15 seasons, LeBron James finally participated in and won a dunk contest … against 13-year-olds, against seventh graders! Before his son’s game. And I’m saying when I saw this last night, ‘What are you doing, LeBron?’ I nearly fell off my chair when I thought was this somehow Photoshopped-CGI-Mission-Impossible stuff? No, it happened! This was just so pathetically wrong on so many levels because first of all, his namesake son, 13-year-old LeBron James Jr., is obviously trying to make his own way in basketball. He’s trying to make a name for himself. And all of the sudden, his father is in their layup line doing contest dunks — not just shooting layups like the kids are shooting. He’s doing contest dunks.

“And I’m thinking — What if Barry Bonds at age 13 had been taking batting practice with his 13-year-old teammates, and all of a sudden Bobby Bonds, who was a great player, steps into the cage … and starts jacking 400-foot shot home runs? And said, ‘Woo, look at me.’ What would you say? You’d say, ‘Get out of his way. Let him be Barry.'”



Skip Bayless is the greatest sports troll of all time. LeBron could take a bullet for a bus full of nuns and Bayless would accuse him of attention-seeking.

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