“If Floyd Isn’t Better Than Ali, Then Jordan Isn’t Better Than LeBron” Says Actor Ving Rhames (VIDEO)

The never-ending debate about who’s the official greatest of all-time in the NBA rolled into another day, and this time, a legendary actor is speaking out on it.

Ving Rhames joined Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on FS1’s ‘Undisputed’ this week and attempted to put a new spin on the debate on whether LeBron or Jordan is better by using an argument with Floyd Mayweather being undefeated in the boxing ring, but not a single soul would choose him as a better boxer than Muhammad Ali, therefore, Jordan’s spotless record in the NBA Finals shouldn’t be the determining factor in the debate.

“The greatest of all time is not just about what you do on the court, what did you do socially? Muhammad Ali is the greatest not because he was the greatest boxer…I could say Floyd Mayweather is undefeated and Ali is not.”

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