LaVar Ball Promises Big Baller Brand Job To JBA Players Who Fail To Go Pro

When LaVar Ball started the Junior Basketball Association, he did it to give outgoing high school players another outlet to play basketball and make money doing it without facing the backlash of the NCAA.

There’s no guarantees that every single player will get that opportunity to play professional basketball, whether it’s in the NBA or overseas, but if they do fall short of their goal, they will have a job waiting for them at Big Baller Brand.

Jerry Vargas, who plays for the Seattle Ballers, was in the midst of an interview with New York Post’s Jake Nisset about his decision to play in the JBA instead of college ball, when he revealed a bold promise by LaVar Ball.

From Nisse:

“Vargas, and the other 63 league members, bet their futures on a fledgling basketball league with no guarantees. Well, except one promise.

Vargas recounted a California training camp, around June 11, when Ball addressed all the players. According to Vargas, the (in)famous loud mouth delivered a lofty vow to anyone who failed to forge a pro career from the JBA: a job at Big Baller Brand.”

It should be noted that many players in the JBA have left already for professional b-ball jobs overseas, so clearly, the extra exposure is working, with Chicago Ballers star Kezo Brown being the most recent to sign a deal to play in France.

The current salary of the players in the JBA is $3,000 a month for a season that runs from June until August.

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