LaMelo Ball Jumped Off A Moving Golf Cart For Some Odd Reason (VIDEO)

You have to remind yourself that LaMelo Ball is only 16-years-old and was taken out of high school to pursue a professional basketball career by his father.

On Sunday’s episode of Ball in the Family, viewers were reminded that LaMelo is still a youngster, who is prone to doing things like….jump off moving vehicles.

In the latest episode, LaVar Ball went shopping for 2 golf cart’s, one for his wife Tina as she continues to recover from her 2017 stroke, and another for staffers working at his estate. LaVar made it a point to make sure that LaMelo was to not use one of these carts, but the youngest Ball brother still went for a joyride with his JBA teammates.

While riding around, LaMelo was seated in the back of the cart jumping up and down, and for some strange unknown reason, he jumped off the cart as he rolled onto his back while on the ground.

He was not injured, but it could’ve been so much worse.

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