Dez Bryant’s Latest Activity Proves He Doesn’t Want To Play For The Cleveland Browns (TWEET)

Clearly, the biggest free agent acquisition on the market is Dez Bryant who is yet to find a suitable team to his liking as teams get set to play for their first preseason game this week.

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was released by the organization in mid-April after eight seasons with the team and seemingly hasn’t received much interest after he stated he wanted revenge on his former team and stay in the NFC East. Then the Cleveland Browns came up as a possibility and current WR Jarvis Landry began pushing for it on social media.

All indications are pointing to the team wanting to sign Dez, but there’s one small problem: Dez isn’t returning the general manager’s calls.

That’s a clear indication that the three-time Pro Bowler does not want to play for Cleveland.

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