LeBron Praises Black Women on Instagram; Immediately Gets Criticized & Called Racist (PICS + VID)

LeBron James is all about growth and positivity these days. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is known for lauding his wife, defending current and former teammates, and in his spare time, opening up a public school for at-risk kids in Akron.

His whole idea is to uplift others, which is exactly what he was trying to do when he took to Instagram to celebrate Black women on coveted September issues of magazines and captioned it like so:

“Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!!” he wrote. “Thank you all for continuing to not settle and setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching!

That brought upon problems almost immediately as he began to get criticized for not including all women and got called racist as a result.

The Shade Room compiled some of the best ones, including:

An Instagram user named Gavin Lombardi saying: “Kinda racist to white women tbh”

Danmads asking: “Does that include white women?” (The answer: Um, nah.)

Jsanchez908, in his internet yelling voice: “NOTHING IN THIS WORLD?”

JohnnyBoy.631 with the saltine hypothetical: “Let’s do a role reversal now people. Now let’s say Tom Brady or Tom Cruise or George Clooney for that matter came on IG and said “NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS MORE POWERFUL THAN WHITE WOMEN.” I know ya mofo’s would be having a fit!


“It’s been my reality all women have endured oppression. He’s a huge public figure in the US. I wish he used this status for all women and he didn’t.”

“You can love yourself and not put down women of other races. And guess what there are more than just black and whites women so please don’t pretend that only white women would be insulted by this. It’s sad that you all now do to others what you didn’t want done to yourselves. We are all children of God and equal in the eyes of the Lord. ALL women are powerful, if they choose to be.”

“Imagine if a white guy posted this about white women.”

“WHY IS IT ABOUT COLORED WOMEN!!? Please someone tell me how colored women are any better than white women? All women who set good examples and are good parents are GREAT people and GREAT women. Singling out color to make them seem better as aposed [sic] to non colored women is a sham. You say colored women are POWERFUL but then use a hashtag of women power. Your not advertising women power by only talking about 1 race of women. Fix these movements please.”

It wasn’t all bad:

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