DeAngelo Hall Still Seems Salty That DeAndre Hopkins Snatched His Ankles on Hard Knocks A Few Years Ago: “You Silly” (VIDEO)

It’s been three years, but this clip remains legendary.

During the now-infamous scrimmage between the Texans and Redskins back in 2015, DeAndre Hopkins broke off a pass route on a dime and it left DeAngelo Hall broke off a pass route on a dime.

Hall has never really spoken up about the incident and it has since became infamous and a regular shared clip on social media during the start of training camp.

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This week, that incident was the top of conversation again after Hopkins took to Twitter and told Hall to stop disrespecting his name after Hall appeared on the ‘Undisputed’ to state Odell Beckham Jr. was a better WR than him.

Hall finally got a chance to speak about the incident in detail and he explained that he didn’t get his ankles taken that day, he more so lost his footing and slipped on the ground.

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