Ex-JBA Player Says LaVar Ball Didn’t Pay Him His Full Contract Amount; Gave Up Eligibility For $1K

Brandon Phillips played for the Los Angles Ballers in the JBA, but stated the league never got around to paying or fulfilling its contract obligations to him.

Per Cycle Media’s Thomas Duffy, Phillips said the JBA has only paid him roughly one-third of what he was promised:

Phillips even spoke out about it on social media:

Duffy noted that Phillips gave up his college eligibility for roughly $1,000 in salary to play just four games, because he would be cut to make way for LiAngelo Ball to join the L.A. squad.

JBA players are supposed to receive a base salary of $3,000 per month and a 60 percent return on their jersey sales. LaVar or top associates for the JBA have yet to respond to these claims.

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