Footage of LaVar Ball Playing 1-on-1 Confirms Why He Averaged 2.2 PPG in College (VIDEO)

Since being thrust into the spotlight over two years ago, LaVar Ball has boasted about being a top basketball player in his hey-day, despite never making it to the league and averaging a laughable amount of points during the height of his basketball ‘career.’

Unlike Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo, there has never been any unearthed footage of LaVar playing ball….until now. The man who clims he could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 back in the day and now finally stepped foot on a court and took on a guy 1-on-1.

Lonzo’s manager Darren Moore posted a recent Instagram story of LaVar playing and it further proves that he couldn’t handle an 80-year-old MJ, let alone a young MJ.

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As you can see, the contest didn’t last long outside of an airballed layup by LaVar and a smooth shot that went in that basically made him call game.

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